Hydrotechniki Dodecanese SA was founded in 1989 in Rhodes.

Today our company hosts its headquarters in our own facilities of 2.500 sq.m. at 5th km Rhodes-Lindos with more than 20 employees, with warehouses that cover our customers' needs and with a fleet of cars ready to serve them.


The vision of Hydrotechniki Dodecanese SA is to offer perfect products and high level services.
Strategy of Hydrotechniki Dodecanese SA is:

  • Optimization of all processes through sustainable cost reductions and continious improvement in flexibility and productivity.
  • The penetration of our products and services in the local market by providing innovative products, services, and comprehensive solutions. This goal can be achieved by participating in foreign exhibitions, also with critical selection of suppliers and using modern ways of working
  • Taking advantage of new technologies.

The sectors that Hydrotechniki Dodecanese is getting involved are:

  • Swiming pools and water parks: having extensive experience in that field, studies and constructs water tanks / swimming pools in domestic, professional and public facilities.
  • Plumbing: offers every kind of products for plumbing. The range of products aimed at both the professional plumber, as well as the individual user.
  • Fire Protection Systems: studies and installs fire protections systems and provides all the necessary equipment.
  • Solar Water Heaters, Solar Panels: Hydrotechniki Dodecanese can provide and install domestic and professional solar water heaters with ROTEX system and can also install Solar Panels.
  • Water Processing: Hydrotechniki Dodecanese can offer solutions for clean water. Features softeneres, water filters, reverse osmosis, decontamination by UV and replacement cartridges of various kinds.
  • Spas - Hot Tubs - Hammam: Hydrotechniki Dodecanese has wide range of Spas, Hot tubs, Hammam.
  • Professional and residential heating and air conditioning: offers expertise and high quality products for studies and constructions of heating, including heat pumps for buildings and pool heating.