The increasing cost of fuel/heating oil led lots of people to seek solutions to alternative energy.
Heat pumps can be used for heating, cooling, hot water and even heating swimming pool water.
Heat pumps can cover both individual needs and business premises.
Hydrotechniki Dodecanese LTD offers high and low temperature heat pumps, from known brands, with top performance. They have the ability to work both with classic radiators and underfloor heating or fan coil.
Heat pumps transfer thermal energy from an area with a lower temperature, in an area with higher. 
The technology is not new (Carnot 1824 - Einstein 1926), but was used mainly for cooling purposes (refrigerators, freezers, etc. common cooling air conditioners). 
Normally the cost for the transfer of energy is about 20%, resulting in saving of 80% of both money and natural resources (fuels), while protecting the environment by reducing flue gas.
Another important advantage of heat pumps is that they are able to reverse the operational cycle, instead of providing heating, cooling and vice versa. In this way they can replace appliances such as oil boilers, hot water heaters, air conditioners etc.